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                 We have been travelling all over the world since our retirement.  Some trips have been documented in photo albums and some here on the web. 

Some are in both mediums in varying degrees as you can see by all the Under Construction notes here.

Peru 2012 We went to Peru and Equator from April 9 to May 3, 2012.  The trip had three separate tours that fit together seamlessly.  We started in the Peruvian Rainforest, visited the Peru of the Incas and then went over to Equator and the Galapagos Islands


Australia 2012 Peru was supposed to be our big trip of 2012 but Ian got a four month exchange opportunity with his company's Australia office and was there from early June to mid October.  We just HAD to go to visit him. 

(Under Construction - We are actually working on this one!  Last update March 12, 2013)


Egypt, Jordan and Israel

In March, 2010, Ruth and Allen went to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.  The trip included two tours, time spent with friends and time on their own to see areas not included on the tours.

(Under construction - last update September 5, 2010)


Italy Ruth and Allen went to Italy from April 11 to May 11, 2007.  Because it was spring time, they stopped off in Amsterdam for a few days to visit their famous Keukenhof Gardens.

(Under Construction - but the Album is GREAT)


Africa 2006 In September/October, Ruth and Allen went to Africa for a safari.  Allen got some WONDERFUL animal pictures

(Under construction)


China 2006


In April, 2006, Ruth and Allen went to Hong Kong and China.


Europe 2005  

In May, 2005, Ruth and Allen went on a month-long tour of Europe.  Click here to see their pictures.

Mexico Drive 2005  

In the fall of 2005, Ruth and Allen drove from Edmonton, Alberta to San Josי del Cabo in Mexico, taking a month to tour the US and Mexico.



We have owned a Condo in San Josי del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico since 1996.  Over the years we have accumulated a number of pictures which we have put here for your viewing pleasure.




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