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Our drive to Mexico - 2005

Edmonton, Canada to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

October 6 to November 3, 2005

Part 2 - In Mexico


Part I - USA Portion
  In San Diego, we had found a book called The Baja Adventure Book by Walt Peterson. 
  It became our bible for the rest of the trip.  
  Monday, Oct 24  -  We headed south into Mexico, crossing the border at Tecate.  The border process was very casual.  We got the red light at customs (they use a “random” red light/green light system on who gets stopped) so we were pulled over for a search.  The official opened the doors, lifted one bag, decided we had too much junk, closed the door and waved us on.  Apparently you don’t need a tourist card if you are staying within 150 km of the border so Immigration isn’t part of the usual process.  Since we were continuing on, we had to track down the Immigration Office to get one.  They cost 210 pesos but you have to pay at a bank so we had to find one of those, pay, then go back to Immigration and get the card validated.

Another panic opportunity – the bank’s ATM machine wouldn’t accept our cards and we couldn’t figure out the message other than the “contact your bank” part.  We crossed our fingers that we had just maxed out the 24 hour limit in San Diego stocking up on US$ and left it until Thursday.  The card worked fine then.  Whew!!!!!!

 After completing the formalities, we headed off on a 170 km excursion to a remote camping area at Canon de Guadalupe, in the middle of nowhere.  Amazing what you can find on the Internet.


Border Crossing at Tecate

Northern Baja


Southern Baja


  We arrived safely in San Jose on Thursday, November 3, exactly four weeks and 7247 km after leaving home.  On the way, we camped 15 nights, stayed in hotels 12 nights and stayed with friends one night. 

Twenty eight days appears to be our limit for living out of a suitcase.



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