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We arrived in London on Monday, May 2.  Because we had been there previously, we were able to skip some of the "must see" places like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court and, instead, spent our time wandering the streets and alleyways, discovering new places.  Our pictures are grouped by category rather than providing a chronological view of our visit.









   The Rest

Because we had enjoyed the book "The DaVinci Code", we went around to the Temple Church.  The first time we visited, it was closed but there was a sign saying that there would be a lecture there on the book two days later.  Of course we returned and were treated to a fascinating lecture/sermon by the "Master of the Temple" aka the church's minister.  Truly a trip highlight.

One day, after touring the reconstructed Globe Theatre, we were looking for the underground station and stumbled upon the beautiful Southwark Cathedral.   Build on the south side of the River Thames, it was the parish church of William Shakespeare.

To experience the incredible acoustics of the major churches, we attended a lunch hour concert in St Martin-in-the-Fields and an evensong service in St. Paul's Cathedral.  We have pictures inside St. Martins but unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside St. Paul's so we only have "I was there" pictures of the outside.  We visited a number of churches but the only one we actually toured deliberately was Westminster Abbey. 






We went to the theatre as often as we could manage. We saw four plays, Woman in White, Mamma Mia, The Producers, and Chicago.  As well, we visited the Globe Theatre (which was in rehearsals to open the next week) and the Royal Albert Hall where Cream was playing for a sold out week.



No London visit would be complete without a visit to the British Museum and the Tower of London.  We added the Victoria and Albert Museum for good measure.


  Pubs We ate most of our meals in Pubs.  Theses were some of our favourites


  More  London Here are some of the buildings, monuments, scenes and sites that we enjoyed on our travels around London.

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